Wednesday, September 28, 2011

715 nanometre - An Infrared Photo Art Exhibition by Kate Davies

My first solo exhibition 715 nanometre opened last week Thursday (22nd September), and what a great evening it was. The turn out was phenomenal, the feedback was inspiring and my work seemed to speak for itself (which is quite a good thing, as i was slightly nervous.
Along with the Infrared landscapes, was some fantastic local talent in the form of Mr Matthew Roux, singing his new songs off his soon to be released debut album. Find more from him at

For all those who didn't make it to the opening evening, here are the images on display, as well as a brief description of the whys and hows behind the works.

Across the River, Robertson. 2011

Alone, yet still together, Table Mountain. 2011.

Along the river bank, Breede River. 2011

Are we nearly there yet? Cape Town. 2011

Bird, Lion's Head. 2011.

Civilisation barely seen, Robertson. 2011.

Draw my attention upward, Robertson. 2011.

Room for a view, Lion's Head. 2011.

Spectacular Solitude, Tulbagh. 2011.

Take the long road home, Tulbagh. 2011.

Thank you for today, De Waal Park. 2011.

The fork in the river, Breede River. 2011.

The house on the hill, Table Mountain. 2011.

The mirror lake, Tulbagh. 2011.

The peace in the silence, Robertson. 2011.

The return to the bubble, Robertson. 2011.

Seasons are changing, Tulbagh. 2011.

Waiting to embark, Breede River. 2011.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

715 nanometre - An Infrared Photo Art Exhibition by Kate Davies

My life as a photographer changed dramatically a few months ago, when I started experimenting with a converted Infrared Camera. From landscapes to portraits, the world was transformed into a dreamy, ethereal place where I could spend eternity.

The Infrared journey, for me, had begun and I have spent the last 3 months driving wildly around searching for places to aid me in visually expressing various emotions. From Table Mountain to the Breede River and continuing on to Botterberg, I found scenes of melancholy, fear, ecstasy and love and was able to put a new stamp on these using IR.

Looking back on an interview I did in the very beginning of this IR journey (which delves into the technical elements of IR Photography), a fair amount has changed. The technical aspect is only half (or perhaps even only a quarter) of the process. The understanding of what works and what doesn't, depending on what you are looking for, is a massively integral part and one which needs most of the attention. I have no doubt that this will never change and the lessons will not stop presenting themselves.

See interview here:

As I grow and start to understand what possibilities lie in Infrared Photography, the road ahead seems endless.

And with this, a new opportunity presented itself. My first solo exhibition, presented by sunshineco. A first for photography in South Africa (as far as I can see), I am hoping this Infrared Exhibition titled "715 nanometre - An Infrared Art Exhibition" will allow people to see what possibilities lie in discovering new ways of exploring photography as well as realising what a beautiful world we live in. My hopes are that people will start understanding the dire need to appreciate and protect what we have, before we build, bulldoze and break down all the places that enable us to feel truly free.

Please join me for this very exciting opening evening.