Sunday, July 4, 2010


A quick 4 hour train ride took me from London King's Cross to Edinburgh, Scotland. I was tempted to fly,but 20 minutes into my train ride I was incredibly happy I took some well travelled friend's advice. The scenery is fantastic, and I was probably as excited about the incredible landscape as I was my new adventure. Scotland, here we come.

'Edinburgh, is what Paris ought to be'.
After reading this quote by writer Robert Louis Stevenson it was only fitting that Edinburgh followed Paris on my European adventure. And with a little sightseeing, I hoped to understand Mr Robert Louis Stevenson's reasoning. Edinburgh Castle...

Edinburgh at night.


After Paris, I took a little 45min flight to London town. Although it was enticing, I decided to hop straight onto a bus and travel down south to Brighton for a bit of coastal therapy. The universe was truly looking after me, as I got to see the beautiful town from the ocean, aboard a friend's boat. Phenomenal.