Wednesday, March 2, 2011


The final leg of my trip took my full circle back to Holland. But this time, to view more than just Amsterdam and fit a killer rock concert in too, before flying back to SA.

High above the clouds in a quick 45minute flight to Schipol Airport.

2 train trips from Schipol took me to Gouda, Holland. And about 5 minutes after dropping off my bags, we were off to a bar, in a church. Yes, in a church (well, a former church).
The following morning brought beautiful weather and a much needed trip to a Dutch market, where all the good things were for sale.

And of course, not without a little display from the Muziekschool Gouda

Amsterdam was next on the itinerary, and as luck would have it, I was there in the middle of the world cup. Which made for a great display of Dutch patriotism everywhere I looked.


I have been incredibly slack with my blog since I left Edinburgh last year June sometime. I neglected to complete my European trip blogs or anything after that for that matter. But, I am back, and ready to hit the ground running.
Starting with the 5th leg of my European tour, where I was in Cambridge, England. I honestly didn't see much of the city, but I manages to squeeze in a few sights.

Incredibly cute little cottage...
Cambridge Skatepark...
Cambridge Trees...